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Scary stuff.. I was out last night for a New Business debate at the Circle and was really scared walking to and from my car – never seen or heard anything like it..

Here is an extract from an email I just received from a friend of mine who works in Manchester

Oh my dear god..  who knows what will happen AFTER the match!To give you an idea of what town is like today – see the attached!

Its insane – I work x10 steps away from St Peters Square and its just as
mad, if not worse (the little streets around it are rammed too)!!!

The streets between exchange square, st peters sq and picadilly gardens
are filled with VERY drunkered rangers fans…its a sea of blue fans,
broken glass, vodka bottles and beer cans!

I was v late this morning simply because there was a swarm of thousands
of plastered fans staggering the streets!

I’m actually scared to leave my building…when I popped out for lunch,
I struggled to get back and I couldn’t get through the barrier (the area
is sectioned off just by my works door) – saw blokes weeing everywhere,
fans passed out, had to step over cans and bottles in my new shoeshies &
thought I was going to get trampled on! “

Update – they are now turning the streets of Manchester into rivers of piss..turning the streets of Manchester into one big urinal


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