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ok, so I don’t normally enthuse over soup, but oh my good god, I have just had the exquisite nectar that I believe to be the greatest soup in the world.

It was butternut squash, coconut and ginger and it was nectar of the gods. Rich and creamy, with just the right hint of a kick (from the ginger) and the depth of flavour and consistency was parfait.

I purchased such heaven on a spoon  (in case you’re wondering and want to experience the delights for yourself – and no I am not friends with the owner) from Hullabaloo, an organic cafe in Kings Court.  Its a little pricey (at £3.50 without bread or £4.50 with) but it is a-ma-zin – and well worth it.


Sarah *the soup queen* Cheal

PS: I did try their Cauliflower cheese soup a few weeks ago which was equally as gorgeous – but you expect that from a soup with cheese in it – not from a soup containing plain old butternut squash.


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