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Ok – After meeting the love of my life 3 years ago – I went from loving lazing by the pool, reading, getting tanned, and drinking ice cold beers… to loving active snowports holidays. Its finally happened – I’ve been well and truly bitten. I have been boarding for over 2 years now, but suddenly its all clicked, got my own board, my turns are smooth and I love the feeling of flying down the mountains.

I am off to Whistler in 2 days – my first snow trip outside of Europe – I can’t wait!.

Don’t get me wrong – I still enjoy a good beach holiday too (and usually my other half will surf!) but there is nothing like flying down a mountain, feeling the fresh powder under your board.. the sun shining.. the air glittering with snow… bliss!

So you won’t hear from me for a few weeks as I will be in Canada! Bye for now : )


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