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I just spent half an hour drafting a long post about this, and I lost it when I accidently hit the wrong button..

Maybe this will be a better post as I will try and cut to the jist of what I wanted to say.

I am really excited right now about the possibilities of this new world in which we live in. Call it what you will, social media, web 2.0 – it all means that people are connecting, with other people, from all over the world, in a way we have never seen before. Not only that, these connections are based on truth, and honesty, and sharing ideas, and that’s great.

I get asked every day by clients, “what can we do to tap into this?” as pound signs flash in their eyes. What they should be thinking is, “how can we change our business to adapt to this new behaviour” or more importantly “lets go back to grass roots marketing, listen to what our consumers want, and make it, and give it to them, how they want, and when they want it” That’s all this is folks, its nothing new or scary, now is a great time for brand managers and marketing directors to admit they have no control anymore, and take the brave step of letting their consumers decide.

It’s time for the corporate giants, the big wigs and the beaurocrats to stop hiding behind the faceless corporate facade and face the music, and much more exciting than that, now’s the era of the entrepeneur – who understands the way the world works, and builds their company around it.

But this is bigger than a business opportunity, I truly believe that we can make a huge difference with our collective voices.. so lets do it, it’s a brave statement, but let’s change the world!

This post was inspired by Libby Davy from Authentic Blogging, and Seth Godin and his fabulous new book “Meatball Sundae”.


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