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As a fustrated creative living in a suit’s body in an ad agency, I have been thinking a lot about creativity, and reading a lot too. People tend to pigeon hole creativity to pretty visuals and actual pictures or designs – and I was guilty of that for a long time – which is why I came into the industry as a suit and not a creative (can’t be a creative – I can’t draw).

There are tons of successful businesses that think creatively about everything – I suppose it’s where “thinking outside the box ” came from (yet few who claim to actually do). Since tapping into my inner creative I feel much more free, excited and motivated, that anything is possible – and it really is, if you put your mind to it.. I guess that’s why I started a blog really – inspired by Libby Davy from Authentic Blogging – who got me very excited about the potential of blogging. For more from Libby read here – http://authenticblogging.com/

The point of this post is to inspire – so feel free to post anything that inspires you…


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