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I’ve just received a telesales call from Weatherseal.. “hello, thank you for answering your phone, this isn’t a sales call, I am just doing some research in your area” nice young chap – and seeing as I feel his pain, I let him continue.. “would you mind answering a few questions?” certainly, I replied, feeling sorry for this guy “if you could have your windows and doors replaced for free, how many would you have?”.

Now then.. I can see exactly where this is going, you’re not just doing research – you want me to say “all of them” and then you can try and sell me something..

My point is everybody hates being on the receiving end of a cold call.. We hate to be sold to. We want to make the decision about what we want to buy and when to buy it.

So why is it that so many agency new business strategies rely very heavily on cold calling?? Surely there must be a better way to show clients what we are capeable of.

I pretty much never cold call. I prefer to meet prospects face to face at events, and through networking, but if there is someone particular I am desperate to meet – then I will write, or email, or link in with using social media.

We need to start putting ourselves in the shoes of our prospects – after all – isn’t that what we preach to our clients to do with their marketing? Its about time we practiced what we preach.


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