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A silver lining to the god awful state our economy is in? Just been reading Tara missrogue Hunt’s article on Whuffie  – hacking the economy blues with social capital, and also noticed the amazing Estonia clean up which happened last year when 10,000 tons of illegally dumped waste was removed from the beautiful Estonian landscape in just 5 hours with 40,000 volunteers.  Something which would have taken the government 3 years to do!!  Check out the video here


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As part of my ongoing search for self awareness, I have been taking a few personlity type tests – and this site tells me I am a Spontaneous Idealist.  Which I love!  How exciting!  I then read the part about how SI types love and it fit me to a tee – but not great news if I want a committed long term relationship to have children in!  (but I knew that anyway..)

Take a look..

When you are in love, you easily outperform all other personality types in terms of enthusiasm and panache. Then your commitment knows no limits. You go out of your way in your eagerness to express your affection, and in your happiness, you are ready to embrace the entire world. When watching your attempts to flirt, one can’t help but think about a puppy dancing happily around its new playmate. Then for you simply nothing exists but your newfound love. „Hold your horses!“ – “Discretion is the better part of valor!” – “All that glitters is not gold!” – these worldly wisdoms are nothing but a waste of time.

With the entire spontaneity of your personality type, you instinctively immerse yourself in your emotions because you are sure that this time you have found the perfect partner. And you want everything here and now. You can probably go through as many divorces and separations as you want, but you are never going to learn from experience and at the age of 70 – and with shining eyes – you are still ready to walk down the aisle. Your friends may sometimes have a problem watching this, but they can only shake their heads in exasperation, and hope and pray, because in those moments you won’t accept advice from anyone. Then it would be easier to get in the way of a Tsunami.

In a long-term partnership you are a charming, affectionate, and unconventional partner, always good for a surprise, always there if you are needed, always ready for a loving compliment. As generous as you are with your feelings, so do you love to spend money and lavish your partner with gifts – sometimes even causing the very security minded and conservative types in the relationship to get a little weak in the knees. Should they now be happy that you abducted them to a luxury hotel for a romantic weekend, or should they be concerned whether there will be a problem when the next rent payment becomes due? Everyday things only interest you peripherally anyway; sometimes you walk with a downright childish confidence through life believing that the universe, fate or some other supreme powers are going to make sure that at the end everything will work out. So, why worry and save? It is interesting that this sometimes even works!

Therapy is getting to a stage now where all of my instincts are being addressed and challenged – and I have been told I need to “get real” but I like living life with renewed vigour and positivity! And I do believe that everything will work out well in the end.  I suppose I could do with being a little more grounded, and push myself to see things through, even when the initial excitement has waned.

Lots of thinking to do at the moment  – I lost my job in January, and am considering a move.. I think I need to start afresh, leave all the mess of the last 6 months behind me and do what’s right for me..  whatever that is..  I do have an opportunity in the pipeline – so watch this space… exciting times ahead.

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