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I feel compelled to write this, as it seems society suffers from a general malaise of apathy, and it very often permeates into our industry and fustrates the hell out of me.  However, as always, I want to focus on the positive, and the great things that happen when passion and positivity prevail and when you tap into the part of your brain that defies conventions, ignores “the way we always do it” and creates something entirely different.

I have two examples of this. One is the fantastic idea, developed by the genius of our digital guru’s, that I had the absolute pleasure of presenting at an important pitch a while ago.  I can’t talk in detail about this idea yet – but watch this space. They were expecting a normal ttl campaign, and we totally blew them away with our thinking – that’s a great feeling.

The other is this campaign for lotus

Love it or hate it – the idea is certainly different – and creates standout.  I personally think that this is too much of a stunt, and not sufficiently grounded in either the aspirations of the target audience, nor fully emmerses the audience in the personality of the brand – but its a step in the right direction..

So the moral of the story today kids – when you’re thinking “it’ll do” or “at least this will get it off my desk” STOP! – take the time to push for something amazing, and although that takes a lot more effort – it’ll be well worth it in the end..


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Dog shoots man in freak accident

A hunter was shot in the bottom by his dog when it jumped into his boat and landed on his gun’s trigger.

Matthew Marcum was preparing to set out on an expedition in Portland, Oregan, when the accident happened.

Recovering after hospital treatment Mr Marcum said he held no grudge against three-year-old Labrador, Drake, who he described as “a good dog”.

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Ok, slightly overdramatic title (but hey- thats me!) but thats how I feel right now.   Seriously, I have been through so much change over the past couple of months its amazing!  I have been seeing a therapist to get my head around why I jilted the man I once loved who I was engaged to, and as a result of that, it feels as though I know who I am now, I have a better sense of self, and starting to become more aware of the world around me, and how I am perceived.  Maybe its a combination of that and getting older – one more year to go and then I hit the big 30.  Its a fantastic life changing experience, that I would recommend to anyone..  although at times its very hard, and you wish you could go back to blissful ignorance, but on the whole.. bring it on!

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