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It’s my last day at my current job on Friday – to be honest, I haven’t been there long, but I’ll still be sad to leave certain people behind. It’s all a bit surreal – doesn’t really feel like I am leaving yet – sure it will when I pack up my desk..

Starting at a great agency in July as their New Business Director – can’t wait. In the meantime I have a few weeks off and have planned a last minute holiday which leaves on Monday to Turkey!! Going with my folks so it’ll be nice and relaxing and hopefully I’ll come back nice and brown.

I know its been ages since I have written anything – I will get back up to speed after I have recharged my batteries.

Speak soon 🙂


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Foo Fighters

Went to see the Foos at Wembley last Friday – it was amazing, but during the day, as we were so far up the stands in seats, the sound didn’t carry very well, and the only screens were fragmented on the side of the stage.  When the sun went down though everyone livened up in the seats and the atmosphere improved.  Overall it was amazing, but wish we’d had standing tickets..

Dave Grohl is god, and Taylor sang one song which was pretty good.  Fav quote of the day “you’re not a bad singer for a Drummer” – Dave Grohl

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