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Blue loo roll?

Is it just me, but the idea of using blue loo roll just seems plain wrong… As found in the office loos today..


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What a beautiful concept….

On the 10th May, 100,000s of people all over the world will be brought together..

Pangea Day is a global event bringing the world together through film.

Why? In a world where people are often divided by borders, difference, and conflict, it’s easy to lose sight of what we all have in common. Pangea Day seeks to overcome that – to help people see themselves in others – through the power of film.

The Pangea Day Event – view the inspirational trailer here
Starting at 18:00 GMT on May 10, 2008, locations in Cairo, Kigali, London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, and Rio de Janeiro will be linked for a live program of powerful films, live music, and visionary speakers. The entire program will be broadcast – in seven languages – to millions of people worldwide through the internet, television, and mobile phones.

The 24 short films to be featured have been selected from an international competition that generated more than 2,500 submissions from over one hundred countries. The films were chosen based on their ability to inspire, transform, and allow us see the world through another person’s eyes. The winning films will be announced in late April.

The program will also include a number of exceptional speakers and musical performers. Queen Noor of Jordan, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, musician/activist Bob Geldof, and Iranian rock phenom Hypernova are among those taking part.

Such a beautiful idea, born in 2006, by filmmaker Jehane Noujaim (TED Prize winner). She was granted $100,000, and more important, a wish to change the world. Her wish was to create a day in which the world came together through film. Pangea Day grew out of that wish. Watch Jehane Noujaim’s 2006 acceptance speech here.

I’ll be there on May 10th at Somerset House in London, will you?

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The longer I work in this industry, the more I come across successful business people, who don’t seem to have a clue!! I make simple observations, that seem like common sense to me, but often go completely overlooked.

I really believe that the most important traits in business are to be open and honest and admit to being human. People relate to people who display human traits, who mess up every once in a while, who are passionate, who take risks, who trust their staff. Life is built upon a network of relationships, the same for your professional life as your personal. So few people recognise that. The better the relationship, (with suppliers, clients, staff etc) the better your business. Yet why is it that most businesses completely overlook internal comms? They keep their staff in the dark about changes and then wonder why they have an unmotivated workforce and poor output.

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I just spent half an hour drafting a long post about this, and I lost it when I accidently hit the wrong button..

Maybe this will be a better post as I will try and cut to the jist of what I wanted to say.

I am really excited right now about the possibilities of this new world in which we live in. Call it what you will, social media, web 2.0 – it all means that people are connecting, with other people, from all over the world, in a way we have never seen before. Not only that, these connections are based on truth, and honesty, and sharing ideas, and that’s great.

I get asked every day by clients, “what can we do to tap into this?” as pound signs flash in their eyes. What they should be thinking is, “how can we change our business to adapt to this new behaviour” or more importantly “lets go back to grass roots marketing, listen to what our consumers want, and make it, and give it to them, how they want, and when they want it” That’s all this is folks, its nothing new or scary, now is a great time for brand managers and marketing directors to admit they have no control anymore, and take the brave step of letting their consumers decide.

It’s time for the corporate giants, the big wigs and the beaurocrats to stop hiding behind the faceless corporate facade and face the music, and much more exciting than that, now’s the era of the entrepeneur – who understands the way the world works, and builds their company around it.

But this is bigger than a business opportunity, I truly believe that we can make a huge difference with our collective voices.. so lets do it, it’s a brave statement, but let’s change the world!

This post was inspired by Libby Davy from Authentic Blogging, and Seth Godin and his fabulous new book “Meatball Sundae”.

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