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Ok – After meeting the love of my life 3 years ago – I went from loving lazing by the pool, reading, getting tanned, and drinking ice cold beers… to loving active snowports holidays. Its finally happened – I’ve been well and truly bitten. I have been boarding for over 2 years now, but suddenly its all clicked, got my own board, my turns are smooth and I love the feeling of flying down the mountains.

I am off to Whistler in 2 days – my first snow trip outside of Europe – I can’t wait!.

Don’t get me wrong – I still enjoy a good beach holiday too (and usually my other half will surf!) but there is nothing like flying down a mountain, feeling the fresh powder under your board.. the sun shining.. the air glittering with snow… bliss!

So you won’t hear from me for a few weeks as I will be in Canada! Bye for now : )


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Well it didn’t work – need to get to grips with this coding malarky – if anyone can help? Tried to put the Sex and The City Countdown widget on here but it obviously hasn’t worked!!

V. excited about the film release anyway, not long now. Just heard the news about Cynthia Nixon (who plays Miranda) she is recovering from breast cancer – poor girl..

If anyone can help me to put the countdown on here – please shout!

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I just had to post to vent my utter bewildering excitement about the fact that its precisely 13 days until we head off to snowy Canada to Whistler for our annual snowboarding trip! I am sooo excited! Bought my first board – after two seasons of rentals, and its amazing, a Bataleon Violenza – the triple base technology makes turning so much easier and I don’t catch an edge as much – in fact – I managed to land a small jump, twice!! : )

Then to top it all off – it snowed yesterday here too!! Counting the days….

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