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Just reading the blog for the TED 2008 Conference, and there are some amazing minds out there – truly fascinating! Really want to go one day….

Check it out for yourself here 


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ok, so I don’t normally enthuse over soup, but oh my good god, I have just had the exquisite nectar that I believe to be the greatest soup in the world.

It was butternut squash, coconut and ginger and it was nectar of the gods. Rich and creamy, with just the right hint of a kick (from the ginger) and the depth of flavour and consistency was parfait.

I purchased such heaven on a spoon  (in case you’re wondering and want to experience the delights for yourself – and no I am not friends with the owner) from Hullabaloo, an organic cafe in Kings Court.  Its a little pricey (at £3.50 without bread or £4.50 with) but it is a-ma-zin – and well worth it.


Sarah *the soup queen* Cheal

PS: I did try their Cauliflower cheese soup a few weeks ago which was equally as gorgeous – but you expect that from a soup with cheese in it – not from a soup containing plain old butternut squash.

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monkeypigphtsht1309_700x463.jpgWarms me cockles – check out this article about the survival of a baby monkey, who struck up a relationship with a pigeon.

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This article gives hope to those of you, who like me, want animal testing to stop. It’s a step in the right direction – but a long way off.  The thing is, its all down to money.  There are already alternatives out there that are much more reliable than animal testing, but pharma companies are interested in making money – lots of it, and so chose the cheapest option – i.e. hundreds of thousands of innocent animals.

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ok, so its been a while since I posted anything. Not sure if anyone even reads this (apart from you Alex!)…

Been thinking a lot recently and have lots buzzing around in my head to write about.. I promise lots of interesting posts over the next week or so..

In the meantime, switch off your computer and go and enjoy the sunshine!! : )

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As a fustrated creative living in a suit’s body in an ad agency, I have been thinking a lot about creativity, and reading a lot too. People tend to pigeon hole creativity to pretty visuals and actual pictures or designs – and I was guilty of that for a long time – which is why I came into the industry as a suit and not a creative (can’t be a creative – I can’t draw).

There are tons of successful businesses that think creatively about everything – I suppose it’s where “thinking outside the box ” came from (yet few who claim to actually do). Since tapping into my inner creative I feel much more free, excited and motivated, that anything is possible – and it really is, if you put your mind to it.. I guess that’s why I started a blog really – inspired by Libby Davy from Authentic Blogging – who got me very excited about the potential of blogging. For more from Libby read here – http://authenticblogging.com/

The point of this post is to inspire – so feel free to post anything that inspires you…

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