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mmm… Doughnuts!

Last night I was invited to the “VIP preview party” at the new Krispy Kreme store in Manchester. When we approached the new store, opposite the Trafford Centre, I felt like I was in the states (although I have never been) – The store was big, white and flat roofed, with a big Krispy Kreme neon sign (when the lights on, it means they are making fresh doughnuts – yum!) Socio Rehab supplied doughnut inspired cocktails, which made me wish I wasn’t driving, and you got to try as many doughnuts as you like – literally, I ate like half my body weight in doughnuts! They were yummy. The best bit was getting a fresh, hot dougnut straight off the conveyor belt. It has to be seen to be believed, as you walk in the store, you can see fresh dougnuts being made on this automated production line, dough, proofing, frying (in vegetable shortening so they are good for you – yeah right) – it tasted delicious! There’s also a drive thru part as well!! It opens on Friday. We also got two free boxes as we left – I took them into work this morning, and handed them out wearing my Krispy Kreme hat – I think all the sugar was making me giddy.

Anyway, I would thoroughly recommend it – although.. with doughnuts and Nigabba’s fudge (thanks Alex, I love that one)you’re going to have to roll me around after xmas!!


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Xmas cheer!

Well, I am most definately in the christmas spirit – I am like a kid when it comes to xmas – I love it! I spent last night with my other half drinking Baileys and making snowflakes by folding and cutting paper circles (you know, like we did when we were kids!) – they are hanging from my big open stone fireplace now – much to my cats delight as he tried to pull them down as fast as I was putting them up! Getting our tree tonight and making Nigella’s fudge. Did you see Nigella last night on TV? I swear, that woman is getting fatter and fatter! Don’t get me wrong, I think she’s great, but one day, she’ll be sat on TV like Jabba the Hut talking about baking with pure lard, sugar and cream…

Mind you, her recipes look delish – not sure I’d want to eat them every day!!

Paper chains tonight… the countdown to xmas begins – two weeks today!!

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Just a little one from me today …

Just wanted to put a little post on here about a site my Dad introduced me to. Its called the Pipeline card – and if enough people join, they will be able to negotiate cheaper petrol and we will all get a discount! Genius! Don’t worry about signing up and your data etc – they seem to have a pretty secure privacy policy (but then I’m not an expert!) http://www.PipelineCard.org. Its been featured on various car forums, ITV, BBC radio and Martin Lewis – Moneysaving expert.

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Okay, slightly overdramatic (aren’t I always) but it does kind of feel like that. My first blog – all shiny and new and that. Lovely stuff. Well, where to start I guess? Bloody knackered, sat at my desk, trying to look like I am working, but what I really want to do is go home to bed!! Anyway, its Friday, and its almost weekend! woo hoo!

Went to the widgety goodness conference yesterday and learnt all about widgets and social networks and blogs and thought – hey – I should get me some of that. So here it is. My blog. No doubt there will be countless ramblings that will make sense only to me, but I am sure, for those that read it, a picture will develop and a bit of me lives online..

Happy reading..

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